Dr. Lockhart has extensive education and experience in diagnosis, case management and numerous treatment modalities. We believe that successful, efficient resolution of your symptoms comes from completing thorough history and exam procedures before diagnosing your condition and creating a customized treatment plan specific to your situation. She understands that factors such as medical history, age, and the comfort level of each patient need consideration when planning a strategy for treatment. No two patients in our office receive identical care.

Our patients, and those who refer patients to us, are loyal because know they can approach us with any problem. We are committed to helping our patients, whether the situation calls for a chiropractic or rehabilitative solution, advanced imaging or the appropriate referral from our wide referral network.

Who We Are Not

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We do NOT claim to treat only “vertebral subluxation”. We understand that chiropractic
and rehabilitation are designed to restore FUNCTION in the joints and tissues of the
human body. We are interested in restoring function in order to heal injuries, old and
new, eliminate pain and restore health and active lifestyles.

We do NOT offer or sell extensive treatment plans with frequent visits over lengthy
periods of time. A wide variety of conditions are treated effectively and efficiently in our
office, and our fees are very reasonable. Patients return to us and refer their loved
ones because we share the same goal; a solution to your problem in as few visits as

We do NOT suggest that chiropractic adjustments treat every condition. We use
chiropractic and rehabilitation to treat musculoskeletal conditions and maintain
musculoskeletal wellness. This is part of overall wellness, of course. However, we are
well versed at diagnosis and physical examination, and will, when appropriate, order
labs, imaging and provide referrals to another specialist or doctor when there is a need
outside of what we do in our office.